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We specialize in creating high-quality video productions of all types.

Music Production is an Art and CMP is specialize in High Quality Music Production

4 bd / 3 ba / 2700 Sq Ft

Our Audio Editors are masters in Voice-over, and Dubbing whether on TV Drama, documentary, or a Sermon.

Our Translation team has wide experience in translation to Urdu. We have been in this work for more two decades.

3 bd / 2 ba / 1100 Sq Ft

Access to Asia Pacific home viewer

Our wide-ranging distribution platforms include:

AsiaSat 7 C-band DVB-S & DVB-S2 platforms @ 105.5°E 

Asia’s most popular TV satellite with superb channel neighborhood and audience access 

Access to 800M+ Asia Pacific home viewers 

C-band Global Beam from South Asia, East Asia, and Global TV Networks 

Direct access to all major MSOs, DTH, and pay-TV platforms in all of Asia

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City Media Production deals in the Production of all types of Media that Includes, including Video and Audio Creation and Production, Translations, Books Translation and audiobooks, Dubbing TV shows and Programs, Voiceover, TV Broadcast, and IP Tv development and play-out facilities.

We help with the concept, scripting, scheduling, casting, and more. We administrate filming and keep projects on point. City Media production can also organize staff, production, distribution, and even marketing the media product. Budgeting is an essential aspect of good media production and in today’s competitive climate, cost-effective production techniques are important to most clients. So we provide very professional services on a very low budget.

Successful companies focus on an end product that will engage your audience in the intended manner. Connecting with your audience is our main goal. Providing excellence in development (the creation of the concept) and pre-production (the planning and facilitating of all aspects of a shoot) increases the quality of the end product, so city media production always focuses on these very important things. City Media Production has a very experienced and talented staff. Involving experienced producers and directors, with a proven track record, is critical to our overall success. Along with an excellent staff, production companies must also deal with maintaining quality equipment to provide a well-produced product. So To give an excellent product to the client we have a high-tech digital studio where we are creating an end product that is professional and meets the needs of the client, which is the key goal of city media production. City Media Production is Registered under the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and it is also registered under the Federal Revenue bureau of Pakistan. We are working as a legal and licensed company in Pakistan.

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Our Broadcast

Our Christian TV programs in Urdu include shows for women, kids, and young adults, as well as sermons from church leaders, theological discussions, informative segments, and testimonials..
Our platform is host to numerous international preachers. The English programs are dubbed into Urdu and aired on JCTV.
Additionally, we transmit all local and international programs on widely recognized social networks and IP TV.
Satalite Information 105.5°E Asia Sat 7 Band: C 40 Freq: 3668 V DVB-S S/Rate:2593 FEC:3/4
We Produce Video and Audio Sermons
Many of our Sermons and talk shows produced on Green Screen.
We Produce many talk shows in our Video Studios

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Media Production

Video Production, Talk show, Music Video, short films, Sermons, Dubbing English or other language Programs. Videos for social networks, 

Audio Production

Deals in Music Videos, Audio songs, Voice-overs, Audiobooks, Dubbing, Subtitles, Music Production and Creation


Broadcast Christian Video Contents on JCTV and other Social networks.

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Address: House no 58/24 Mubasher Street Modern Colony Kot Lakhpat Lahore, Pakistan. 

Licensed under the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and the Society Act of the Government of Pakistan 

License No Join Stock Companies Lahore; 9435/L/S 931

License no Lahore Chamber of Commerce: 116297-A