Music Academy

Rules and Regulations
1. I will be punctual and regular in Class.
2. I will behave nicely with my fellow students and all respected teacher, if I find guilty I will be completely liable to accept the decisions of the respected institution.
3. I will liable to pay all financial obligations whatever has been decided by the institution.
4. I will consider myself as a good student during all my study hours within the premises of the College.
5. I will bring all my helping material of study in the class and will not because of interruption to other fellow students.
6. I will listen to my teacher whatever they ask or require from me regarding my studies.
7. I will discourage all things that disturb the class etc. Mobile phone playing or ringing, chatting, shouting, crying, or loudly laughing, bulling, or any other activity which is totally out of class disciple.
8. I will park my car/motorcycle properly so that others will not disturb.
9.I will wear a proper dress and personal grooming in the class.
10. I will not damage any class or college property if the college finds me guilty I have to replace the thing which I damage.
11. I will aware of all things which are rumors, gossips, or any planning against college or any student or teacher to the respected principal of our College.
12. I will submit all my assignments which the instructor will give me.

1. Guitar: Ustad Hanan Baily
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2. Vocals: Ustad Naseem Shahid

3. Harmonim: Ustad Naseem Shahid

4.Keyboards: Ustad Sarooj Sarwar

5. Tabla ; Ustad Faran Anoos

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Fees for all Instruments is only Rs.500/ per Month