How to get admission

Admission Requirements

Module 1: Introduction to Biblical Studies 18 ACU Credits

OT Survey

NT Survey

Foundations of Faith

Creative Study Methods

Module 2: Applying Biblical Studies Personally 21 ACU Credits

A Biblical Worldview

Kingdom Living

Knowing God’s Voice

The Holy Spirit’s Ministry

Spiritual Warfare

Power Principles

Module 3: Applying Biblical Studies In Community 24 ACU Credits

Management Principles

Environmental Analysis

Management By Objectives

Mobilizing Methodologies


Strategies for Spiritual Harvest

Module 4: Applying Biblical Studies: Special Apps 24 ACU Credits

Teaching Tactics

Multiplication Methods

Jail and Prison Manual

Women, A Biblical Profile

Intercessory Prayer

Healing, A Battle for the Body

How to take our CCOM Courses
Study Instructions
Please Read
This information has been compiled to make obtaining a Certificate with a solid biblical foundation more easily accessible. We have added step-by-step processes that will simplify some of the procedures.

CCOM Mandatory Application and enrollment:

  1. All students are requested to apply and enroll online before you download your first Course. Fill out the Admission form completely with all your contact information.

If you are already taking the course and have not yet enrolled, please STOP and Register First.

If you do not enroll, we cannot verify your enrollment date which will invalidate your studies, credits, and grades and we will not be able to graduate you in the period you expect.
The second step is to fill out your Biographical Information. This helps us to know more about you and so we can pray for you and serve you better.


All student biographical information that you submit is of utmost confidentiality and become permanent information in your file and our databases. All accounts, grades, payment history, personal student profiles… etc.
are achieved and remain in our databases as many students graduate from CCOM, this will make our work easier.
Please note: In the past, students have completed the CCOM program and then proceed to enroll
AT THE END of their studies submitting their grades all at once. Enrolling and graduating in the same month when you are embarking on a one to two-year program causes us to question your credibility meaning that we may decide NOT to honor your grades and you may not graduate.
IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT that your start date be when you initially begin the program.
Please do not rush through the courses – take your time as all the CCOM courses are self-paced and there are no deadlines.
Once you select your program, you will then receive an email Welcome Letter with the password and a link to the Student Page where you can download your first course.

Note to International Students:

We get many inquiries daily for obtaining the course from all around the world they wish to come to the campus. CCOM does not currently boarding on our campus so we don’t have a facility to accommodate our international students.

They can easily do our Distance learning online programs

Accessing the CCOM courses:
As soon as you are registered and Pay for your first book student can immediately download the first course in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.
Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading or printing in the preferred method that courses can be downloaded is through the Adobe Acrobat file format as .PDF files from reading or printing.
To make your booklets, simply access the courses and print them on your printer.
Saving a .PDF CCOM Course File To your computer:
1.     First of all you have to make a student account on
2.     Go on to the member Page and sign in as a member of the site
3.     Once you will be confirmed from your email inbox your account will be generated, and then you will easily download all your assignments and courses.
Here is a listing of available courses by Module in the order of their presentation that you will be studying at CCOM.
Fees and Payment methods:
Most colleges charge PER CREDIT HOUR.
We charge PER COURSE.
Some are charging $200.00 to $300.00 Per Credit Hour and up to $600.00 to $1,500.00 per course plus books.
In the CCOM Accredited Program, you are only paying a $20.00 per course Administrative Fee for international students and for (Rs 1000/ per month-only) for Pakistani Students. This covers the cost of hosting and tracking your courses, grades, and payments and for the materials, processing, handling, and postage of your graduation documents.
Our goal during your time with us at CCOM is to make your dream of obtaining a biblical education affordable and cost-effective.
Upon completion of a minimum of 10 courses, you will receive:
A beautifully printed Certificate in Ministry from City College of Missions Australia with official gold embossed seal complete with ribbons which is suitable for framing sent in a crest emblem or gold detailed certificate folder.
Upon completion of all 15 courses, you will receive: 2 Year Course
Diploma in Ministry from City College of Missions Pakistan.
And Upon completion of 30 Course ( that will cover in and around Three years – you will be received Bachelors of Theology Degree) 
(Please pay for your course(s)
Pay in full for all your courses AFTER downloading your first course.)
If you desire to receive credit for your studies, we have the following payment methods:
A. For all international students, they may pay their course fees through our bank account.
Bank details are:
BANK NAME                        BANK ALFALAH LTD
BRANCH                                  MODEL TOWN C BLOCK LAHORE
ADDRESS                                 BANK ALFALAH, MODEL TOWN C BLOCK LAHORE
ACCOUNT NO                           1006614859
SWIFT CODE                              ALFHPKKAXXX
IBAN #                                      PK21ALFH0137001006614859
B. Payments made by check, money order, Western Union or Money Gram, Easy Paisa, Mobi Cash, UBL Omni  International will be credited to your account once they are received, processed, and/or cleared. You will then automatically be placed into the Accredited Program. Please make these payments out to City College of Missions Pakistan and mail them to:
Rev Obed Rauf 
City College of Missions
Mubasher Street Modern Colony Kot Lakhpat Lahore-54760
For Easy Paisa, Mobi Cash, UBL Omni or other domestic payment:
ID Card number is
Name: Obed Rauf
Study all the lessons and complete all the Chapter Self Tests which will help you prepare for the final exams. DO NOT SEND US the grades for the self-tests
City College of missions will take your final exam on-line.


The memory verses are NOT on the final exam. Memorization of all scripture verses in the courses is not mandatory but they are recommended and helpful to everyday life and the value of the point of the course and your spiritual growth. As God’s word is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword discerning men’s hearts and intentions (Hebrews 4:11), the scriptures 13

contain the supernatural power through which God can change our hearts, our desires, our lives, and our circumstances so they are a very valuable part of the studies. We encourage you to read and meditate on the verses as they are life-changing and communicate God’s love and His desires for us. If you have difficulty with memorization, do not let that hold you back from completing your courses, but do read and meditate on them for comprehension of the profound truths they contain.
Zero Wrong is an A+
1 to 10 Wrong is an A
11 to 19 Wrong is a B
20 to 26 Wrong is a C
27 to 30 Wrong is a D
31 or more Wrong is an F
Example: 5 wrong out of 100 questions is 95 which is an A. 5 wrong out of 50 questions is still an A. The same grading scale applies to ALL test grades regardless of how many test questions per exam. THERE ARE NO GRADES IN OUR SCALE SUCH AS A-, B+ or B- or C+ or C- or D+ or D- or F+ or F-. (If you do not read ALL of the course text or take all the self-tests, you automatically have 2 wrong on each exam and therefore cannot receive an A+.)
As our schools are biblically based upon the exact foundations of the Word of God, we are trusting that you as a Christian and an honorable CCOM student, will adhere to the honesty policy, and to have someone other than yourself grade your exams. We trust our students to also honestly report their test scores. If you cannot find another person of notable integrity and honesty to proctor your exams then grade and submit them yourself but remember that you are studying the Word of God and you are doing this as unto the Lord for the ultimate purpose of developing your relationship with Him, receiving spiritual wisdom and to be able to better communicate His love to others.
The answers to the exams are included in your course. To cheat on your grading is to cheat yourself and to be dishonest before the Lord and sadly, you cannot truly reap the benefits of God’s Word and our program with a deceptive heart.
Integrity: We believe as a Christ-centered institution, that all parties involved in CCOM MUST and WILL conduct themselves with absolute integrity. Our credibility rests on it. More importantly, the credibility and reputation of the gospel and our schools is at stake.
Equally, we believe that our learners MUST practice absolute academic honor. Every CCOM learner agrees to practice academic honor in the areas of plagiarism, cheating, and misrepresentation of identity. Besides, we have developed methods using technology and processes to ensure that learners submit these exams by the academic honor code. 
DISCOVERED STUDENT DISHONESTY: Unfortunately, we have caught several students who dishonestly reported their grades and were disqualified and rejected from the program. Any students that we discover who are inappropriately conducting themselves or fabricating the reporting of their grades are automatically expelled from the program and will receive no credits or graduation documents.
YOUR CCOM GRADUATION? CONGRATULATIONS! YOU are responsible to notify us in writing (by email) when you have completed all your courses, have submitted all your grades, and have completed all your payments in full.) We are not responsible for any student negligence in this area. If you do not report this information to us at the time you finish all the courses, do not expect us to automatically issue your graduation documents to you.
1)    ALL GRADUATING STUDENTS WILL NOT RECEIVE THEIR DOCUMENTS UNLESS THEY HAVE ENROLLED IN OUR APPLICATION DATABASE. If you did not enroll at the beginning of your studies, please do so NOW and notify us of your late enrollment date. It will make things easier for you when graduating as we will not honor your grades or payment history if we cannot validate that you spent a reasonable amount of time studying to completion.
2.   YOU must inform us in writing by email of your current mailing address so
      that we mail your CCOM  graduation documents to the correct address.
3.YOU must inform us in writing by email of how you want your name on
Thank you and God bless you
Rev. Obed Rauf
City College of Missions Pakistan
Ph: +923455528950
Ph: +923228444317